USDA Home Loans

USDA Home Loans are excellent financing opportunities for those who qualify for this lending program. Established in the late nineteenth century to help improve homesteading efforts, the United States Department of Agriculture creates loans and grants for individuals to build up rural areas. By understanding USDA free grants and loans, you can see which type of home financing plan for which you qualify.


Single Family Home Loans

The USDA has single family home loans for those who qualify in rural areas. One of the key components of knowing whether you and your family qualify is whether you live in a state and county that is considered “rural” by USDA standards. You can check with your county commissioner to make sure your county is rural. Other preference are given to lower income or first time homeowners. Our simple online tool can help you look for other loans in your zip code.


Multi Family Home Loans

USDA Multi-family home loans are designed to help beyond just the person’s immediate family. Preference is typically given to individuals in rural areas or with families with ancestors in sharecropping or farmer.  These homes can range from ranch style homes to full condominiums. You can check with your county commissioner to see if you qualify based on the income threshold.  Regardless of whether you qualify, you may also use online tool to compare quotes for other related loans.


USDA Satellite Grants

Whether or not you receive a loan to build a home, many individuals in rural areas qualify for satellite grants designed to increase technology access to rural areas. Through combined services of the USDA and FCC, this program increases broadband access to those outside of urban areas. Qualifying families receive subsidies and incentives to increase their technological connections in their areas.


USDA Small Business Grants

The USDA also hosts small business grants designed to build businesses in rural areas. Preference typically goes to first time small business owners or businesses related to homegrown manufacturing. To qualify for those grants, you should typically demonstrate how your business may create new jobs in your area. You can also search for small business loans using the online tool.



USDA home loans are designed to help build rural and land grant areas. Do not pass up the opportunity to search for qualifying home grants and loans. Our free online calculator tool will help you find your best rates based on your location, which is a top factor in determining your loan or grant award. You can  compare rates online then contact your county commissioner to see lending for which you qualify and help support your own American dream.

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