How to Get Home Business Insurance Quotes

Running a business from home is an exciting opportunity to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. However, many novice and even seasoned home-based business owners often feel stumped about how to get insurance for their home business.  Home-based business are often not covered by either homeowner insurance or standard small business insurance, so you should take measures to protect your property and business activities from risk of loss or damage.


Home Insurance Endorsements

Home insurance endorsements are the cheapest form of home business coverage. Do not be surprised if you see coverage for as little as $15-$20 per month. This form of insurance is considered perfect for low liability businesses without employees, low deliverables, and low risk of lawsuits. Examples include home-based computer businesses, consulting and tutoring, or typing and data related businesses. These sorts of business have limited equipment and few to no visitors or deliveries. With these low cost insurance quotes, you can have basics covered and still save thousands per year.


Home Office Insurance Policy

Home office insurance policies are designed to combine home insurance with traditional business insurance policies. This policy includes small business insurance quotes that typically protect your physical office and equipment from loss or damage, as well as personal liability in legal circumstances or loss income in the event of accidents or lawsuits. There are typically clauses to cover equipment or loss of records. Unlike home insurance endorsements, many home office policies allow the small businesses to have up to three employees. If you have a small business that you operate nearly entirely from home with extensive equipment, this policy is considered good option.


Business Owners Policy

Business owners’ policies are considered the most full coverage plans for home-based businesses. These policies are designed for higher liability businesses with deliverables or expenses equipment. Large scale independent contractors, home businesses with farms and additional buildings, or businesses that store large quantities of sensitive data often select this comprehensive form of coverage.  Standard policies may include personal liability coverage, equipment coverage, off premise liability coverage (for contractors), business data, and income loss compensation.



Understanding the types of home business insurance coverage can help you make a much more informed decision. No matter what type you chose, you should compare quotes in order to get the best deal that matches your current operations and goals. Use the comparison tool to find the small business insurance that is best for you.

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