Homeowners Insurance Average Cost in the US

Homeowner insurance is a necessity for anyone who wants to protect their house. The cost of this insurance does not have to be a burden. Many people falsely assume that homeowners insurance average cost is above their means to afford. But since homes appreciate in value and equity, it is necessary to insure your property and goods. With the right information it can be a great way to help your home.


Low Costs Estimates

The average cost of homeowners insurance is reasonable if you compare the rates that work for your home. According Federal Reserve Bureau reports, the average yearly cost of premiums is $300 to $900. Divide that cost by 12, and your monthly premium will be worth it in protecting your home from damage. You can also estimate your yearly cost by dividing the current value of your home by 1,000, then multiplying that number by about $3. Often, this ends up being less than a monthly cell phone bill. Again, that small number represents your cost for the entire year.


Types of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance average cost is a range because it also depends on the type of insurance and extent of coverage. You can get a basic plan against general risk and damage, or you can upgrade to include damage from weather or vandalism. Using personal judgment, you can determine which type of insurance is necessary based on your budget.


Average Cost by Region

Your location also affects the average cost of insurance that you may want. You will need to compare quotes based on homeowners insurance average cost from the costs other house in your area. You should also take into account the type of disasters your state or region may be at risk for, such as brush fires or hurricanes. However, you do not have to feel threatened if you live in a high risk part of the United States. Simply compare quotes to choose wisely.



Cost of homeowner insurance should not deter you from protecting your home. You can get cheap quotes by using Insurance Toad’s handy tool to compare rates in your area. Protecting your home reduces chance of loss of this asset that represents a huge part of your personal wealth.

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