Cheap Auto Insurance at Any Age

Cheap auto insurance is traditionally associated with age and driving history. This can be a challenge in locations where owning a car is absolutely necessary. While you cannot control your age at any given moment, you can help beat the odds in finding cheap auto insurance quotes at any age by knowing the following tips.

Auto Insurance for Teenagers

Getting cheap auto insurance quotes can be a challenge for teenagers and new drivers. By definition, insurance coverage is about determining risk, and unfairly or not teens are considered the riskiest to insure. Parents can help beat the odds by using a quote compare tool to get rates from cheapest auto insurance companies first. You can then add your teen to a family plan and keep them responsible for paying their portion of the new bill.

Auto Insurance for Young Adults

While still higher than average, auto insurance rates take a fortunate dip by the time you are 23. Increase the odds that your overall rate will be lower by practicing safe driving while in college. Young women on average have lower car insurance rates than men at the same age. Each demographic should compare quotes when leaving college and again when they are 25.

Auto Insurance for Married Couples

Married couples can enjoy some of the cheapest auto insurance rates by combining their plans. Since auto rates can differ vastly between the sexes, a joint plan can combine financial resources and show the insurance company that you are more likely to pay your bill. Be sure to get a quote comparison when looking at household finances.

Auto Insurance for Seniors

While seniors with a good driving history are typically considered responsible, the risk factor can go up with health related illnesses and driving impairment. Seniors are also more likely to have specialty vehicles and need classic car insurance. Be sure to compare rates often to ensure you are getting the best deal.


With the right knowledge, you can enjoy better, low cost quotes at any age. Insurance Toad has the best quote comparison tool to get cheap auto insurance quotes online.

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