What does auto owners insurance cover?

Auto Owners InsuranceLet’s face it, we all buy auto owners insurance because we want to make sure our lives, our car and the lives of those around us are financially protected in case of an unforeseen accident. It’s important to understand what basic car insurance coverage is available to you. Below you will find a quick explanation of basic car insurance coverage. After you’re done reading, enter your zip code to find the best insurance rate for the car insurance coverage you need.

Quick review of auto insurance coverage:

Collision coverage is an automotive insurance policy that covers most forms of impact, from collision with another vehicle to unexpected objects due to weather. This coverage often comes as an add-on to basic coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance coverage is plan that covers major loss or damage, excluding auto collision. These plans are typically for those who paid more than $5,000 for property or vehicle, or are on financing plans.

Liability coverage is coverage for accidental damage you caused to another person or property. Typically, this form of coverage can insures payment for medical bills and replacement of property damaged. Most states require liability car insurance coverage.

Medical payments coverage is for medical expenses an insurance company agrees to pay, no matter which party is liable.

Personal injury protection (PIP), also called no-fault insurance allows car accident victims to get receive compensation for medical expenses, irrespective which party is fault for the accident. Depending on the state, personal injury protection (PIP) can cover medical bills, lost employment earnings, and funeral expenses.

Uninsured/under insured motorist coverage covers accident expenses in the event that a driver does not have auto insurance.

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